A quiet contributor but in critical ways to many different startup support endeavours.

Dave Moskovitz / Chair of GEN NZ

My name is Dave Moskovitz, and I am the Chair of the Global Entrepreneurship Network Aotearoa New Zealand, as well as New Zealand’s most experienced Startup Weekend Facilitator.

I have worked with Pascale, Jo, and Venture Centre since 2014. They have been huge supporters of our startup ecosystem nationally, and have contributed in quiet but critical ways to many different startup support endeavours.

You may be aware that Venture Centre has been a huge supporter of Startup Weekends, but you should also know that Pascale has mentored many startup weekend organisers to run successful events, and has also facilitated many Startup Weekend events up and down the country. Venture Centre has done this very much on a “pay it forward” basis, and the result is a more vibrant ecosystem nationally.

This contribution has continued with Venture Centre’s support of the establishment of the Global Entrepreneurship Network in NZ. Again, Pascale has offered significant time and effort to ensure that the network develops along lines that will benefit entrepreneurs all over the country, not only in Auckland and Wellington.

I’ve have no hesitation in recommending Venture Centre as a grantee. They have consistently demonstrated timely, clear communications, integrity, vision, dedication to entrepreneurs, and constant alignment with their purpose.

I would be happy to engage in a conversation if you would like more information.


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