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A charitable organisation dedicated to entrepreneurship support. We build the capability, capacity and digital enablement of entrepreneurs in our region.

A network of mutual-aid dedicated to increasing wellbeing through entrepreneurship.

A community, helping entrepreneurs quickly find the skillsets, toolsets, networks and resources they need to grow purposeful, ethical ventures on-purpose, from idea stage.

An ecosystem builder curating, connecting, and co-ordinating people on enterprising journeys with each other and whomever and whatever they need to succeed.


We take an all-of-system approach... 
everyone is welcome!

We facilitate access to and participation in the ecosystem...
start here!

We curate pathways so you progress, regardless of age or stage...
ready when and wherever you are!

We support you from idea to launch...
we focus on you, realising your potential!

We help you define and develop your ideas...
we believe you can do it!


Regenerative local economies which honour their people and place, facilitated by networks of mutual-aid, like Venture Centre.

Networks which provides the social support structures to help locals share and leverage their skills, knowledge and resources with each other as a platform to ensure equality of economic opportunity for all.

Through cooperation, and the evolving cultural capacity for collaboration, we work together, learn together and financially support each other to thrive. We recognise we are all part of an ecosystem which uses an array of exchange patterns to allow us to create value, actively mentoring, coaching, and helping each other, in many ways, as we go.


To increase entrepreneurship and by doing so, equality of economic opportunity.

How we achieve this

  • By curating and coordinating programmes and events designed to nurture talent, share experience, expertise, and grow capability and capacity.
  • By providing clear pathways and network connections to enable progress
  • By creating the infrastructure necessary to enable connections and participation
  • By developing systems to manage resources to support progress
  • By working collaboratively with partners locally and beyond to advance our shared purpose
  • By supporting the development of other emerging hubs



We commit to strive to do the right thing at all times and in all circumstances, whether or not anyone is watching.


We welcome others and are affirming of their feelings, wishes and rights.


We take a team approach to what we do always.


We are able to act on our beliefs in front of change, of challenges, of failure and stand up for what we believe is just and for the common good.


We aim to clearly understand what we want, why we want it and how, when, where, we plan on going about achieving goals then doing the work.


We embrace the fact new ideas come from anywhere, are open to possibilities, and invest in being mindful of always creating effective collaboration around us.


Fun – Pārekareka

We improve our collective work, build trusting relationships and increase our motivation and impact, productivity and satisfaction when we have fun together, which includes taking time to celebrate wins and laugh together as we learn

Reciprocity – Tauutuutu

The intention of Venture Centre is to provide all participants with the opportunity to contribute, and benefit from the experience and acquired expertise of participants via value exchanges agreed with Venture Centre, and/or between participants themselves with acknowledgement of Venture Centre’s role in creating connections and advancing opportunity

Productive relationships​ – Haukamo honomga/Taunekeneke

Venture Centre maintains relationships that ensure participants are productively involved in its decision making including; policy, process and practice and associated activities including; capability, investment, storytelling and marketplace development

Partnership – Waka Hourua

Requires all participants in collective action; behave reasonably, honourably and in good faith so to make informed decisions on matters affecting the interests of all participants

Potential – Pito Mata

Recognises that decision making activities will impact on the future direction, development and progress of Venture Centre culturally, socially and economically

​Protection – Tiakitanga

Requires that Venture Centre takes positive steps to ensure that interests, knowledge and experience of all participants are integrated in its decision making and activities

Participation – Whai wāhi

Informs the development of Venture Centre’s strategy, policies and processes all of which enable the effective, inclusive, equitable engagement and input of participants in Venture Centre


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